Crafty Thieves Steal $1Million in Jewelry at Houston Jared

Well organized, crafty thieves robbed a Jared jewelry store in the Willowbrook are on FM 1960 yesterday.  The store was filled with unsuspecting shoppers.  Four to five men entered the store with guns drawn and began a well orchestrated robbery the likes of which Houston has not witnessed in recent history.

All of the men wore ski masks and had their faces completely covered, so none of the shoppers or staff could identify them.  Incredibly, none of the witnesses could recount any details about their physical appearances.

One of the robbers was in charge of getting all of the people in the store down on the ground so that they could get on with their business.  He continually yelled at the witnesses, forcing them to the ground and demanding them to keep their heads down. While this man kept the shoppers and employees in line, one of the other men was the designated time keeper. He yelled out the elapsed time frequently, never taking his eyes off of his watch.  This way, the other two to three men were free to collect all of the jewelry in the store.

Some have been calling it the perfect robbery, but it’s still too early to start that.  While the thieves appeared to be extremely well organized and professional, and the details of the robbery sound a lot like action from a Quentin Tarantino movie, police did say that they have video surveillance of the entire robbery.  Just because no arrests have been made yet doesn’t mean they won’t.

What does a person do with $1 million dollars of jewelry?  Well, the logical thing to guess would be a pawn shop.  Police will be checking area pawn shops for any leads, and will most likely get at least one.  The robbers probably needed money for Christmas, which is only days away.  If this is true, they will be looking to cash their jewelry in for some cold hard cash somehow.  And a criminal defense lawyer cannot erase video tape evidence with will alone.  It will be interesting to see how or if any of these jewelry bandits are caught.