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  1. 07/14/2014
    Attorneys: DWI could cost $15,000 or more:
    Rolling the dice on whether to drink and drive tonight could cost more than $15,000 in fines, court costs and attorney’s fees, attorneys said.
  2. 07/14/2014
    Criticism continues to dog HPD crime lab:
    Under intense scrutiny for shoddy work during the past decade, the Houston Police Department crime lab faced renewed criticism Thursday when a former HPD lab supervisor dropped a bombshell, testifying she quit because she could not trust the accuracy of breath alcohol tests from the department’s testing vans.
  3. 07/14/2014
    Questions swirl around traffic stop incident:
    While those involved say the whole story about a traffic stop in Friendswood on August 22 hasn’t been told, enough information is out there to raise a significant number of questions.
  4. 07/14/2014
    Controversy continues to dog BAT vans:
    A driving while intoxicated case that sparked doubts on the accuracy of test results from the Houston Police Department’s breath alcohol testing vans has been dismissed, while evidence from the vans in at least two other cases has also come into question.
  5. 07/14/2014
    Accuracy of HPD’s BAT vans in question:
    A court case over the city’s BAT vans could have an effect on future DWI cases because the accuracy of the vans’ Breathalyzers is being called into question.
  6. 07/14/2014
    Reasonable Doubt, November 10, 2011, Dane Johnson and Jordan Lewis:
    Dane Johnson and Jordan Lewis sit down with Todd and guest co-host Franklin to discuss the 185th District Court Grand Jury that is investigating the BAT van controversy.
  7. 07/14/2014
    A Politicized Timeline, and a Lie. But I Repeat Myself:
    DPS was not testing for accurate results during power fluctuations, nor was it testing whether the diagnostic tests functioned when the power fluctuated.
  8. 07/14/2014
    Super Lawyers:
    Dane M. Johnson
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