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Public intoxication is a crime that is often charged erroneously.   The Public Intoxication statute requires the government to prove that the person arrested was in public, intoxicated and presented a danger to himself or others.  The criteria for the police to arrest individuals for Public Intoxication is incredibly subjective.  Many times when individuals are arrested for Public Intoxication, the police do not give any field sobriety tests or offer the arrested individual a breath or blood test.  If you speak to officers on the street, they will tell you that many people that are arrested for public intoxication are arrested because they have a bad attitude or are being disrespectful to the officers – not because they are actually intoxicated.   A skilled attorney that knows the law and the system will be able to fight on your behalf to help you avoid a conviction for public intoxication

Often when individuals are arrested for public intoxication and taken to jail, they are given an option to get out of jail “now” if they plead guilty or not contest.  The offer is often extended in a manner that suggests that if the person does not agree to the deal, then he/she will stay at the jail for an extended period of time.  Many people, understandably, just want to get out of jail and they agree to take the deal under duress.  In these common situations, upon getting home and examining the paperwork, the person realizes that he/she has been found guilty of Public Intoxication and the conviction will permanently be on his/her criminal record with no way to remove it from his/her record.  If you find yourself in this situation, all is not lost.  We have successfully challenged convictions in this situation and ultimately had the public intoxication cases dismissed and expunged.  If you find yourself in this predicament, call our lawyers at 713-222-0400 to discuss your options.

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