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Police Injure Texas Driver After Being Pulled Over And Arrested For Suspicion of DWI

A Texas man driving in the early hours on Thursday morning admits that he had been drinking when Cedar Park police had pulled him over on suspicion of driving under the influence. Furthermore, when the police tried to arrest the man, the man also admits that he pulled back from the police. During the arrest, the man suffered injuries including a crushed nose, facial contusions and apparent bruises on his back from a Taser. The injuries required the man to be transported to Cedar Park Regional Medical Center where he had to remain overnight.

The man recited his recollection of the events to his sister. The man allegedly remembers leaving a club after night drinking with his friends and hitting a curb as he tried to leave. He next remembers that the police arrived around 2:00 a.m. when he and his friends tried to push his car back into his driveway. Finally, the man remembers “being on the floor and still being hit with stuff like knees and Tasers.”

Police may have used unnecessary force to subdue man

The family has filed a complaint with the police department to get a copy of the videotape documenting the incident. The police may have used unnecessary force in relation to the threat posed by the man. The man’s sister questioned the police’s actions: “Why did they need six or eight officers on a 21 year old kid? I don’t understand.”

The sister further said that the man’s friends were held back while the officers continued to beat the man. Also, the sister said she heard that the police were claiming that the injuries were from a car accident. The sister did not believe this could be true because the man was in the cul-de-sac of a neighborhood and “couldn’t have been going any faster than 10 or 15 miles an hour.”

Police claim that man was combative and resisted arrest

The Cedar Park police, however, claim a different story. The police said that the man actually attempted to run away while they tried to arrest. Not only that, but apparently, the man became combative and physically confrontational during the arrest. The man allegedly interfered with the officer’s directions, which prompted the officers to take the man to the ground. According to police, the man assaulted a police officer while being arrested, which caused his injuries.

The hospital said that the man would be well enough to leave the hospital on Friday, but the Cedar Police intended to take him into custody after the man’s release from the hospital. The police are investigating the man for possible charges of DWI, interference with public duties and assaulting a public servant.

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