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The Case Results from Johnson & Bear P.C.

The lawyers of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C. have had over DWI 500 cases dismissed and over 50 “Not Guilty” Verdicts. These are just a few of the case results from the firm.

Offense Result Facts
Felony DWI Blood Test  Dismissed Client was pulled over for spinning tires as he accelerated at an intersection. He performed Field Sobriety tests and then refused breath test. The police then obtained a search warrant and forcibly took his blood which showed his alcohol level to be a .18 – over twice the legal limit.
DWI Not Guilty Client involved in major accident. Failed field sobriety tests. Breath test of .28 – over 3 times the legal limit.
DWI with Child Passenger – .18 Blood Test Reduced to Misdemeanor DWI Client involved in an accident with 7 year old daughter in car and flees the scene of the accident. Client failed all field sobriety tests and blood was taken that showed her alcohol level at .18. DWI with Child Passenger was reduce to Misdemeanor DWI.
DWI Not Guilty Fed-Ex driver with a breath test of .11 and failed all field sobriety tests. Stopped for pealing out and speeding. Client’s job as a driver for Fed-Ex on the line.
DWI with Child Passenger Reduced to Reckless Driving Pulled over with 2 children in vehicle. Admits to intoxication and blows over twice the legal limit.
Felony DWI  Dismissed Montgomery County DWI client’s felony DWI arrest dismissed after arresting officer indicted for false statements in a DWI offense report. Client ultimately exonerated and cleared.
DWI Dismissed after Jury Selection Client passes out on side of road. Failed all field sobriety tests.
DWI Not Guilty Client pulled over for going the wrong way on a one-way street. Failed all field sobriety tests. 2 DWI task force officers.
DWI Not Guilty Pulled over for running a red light. DPS Trooper said client failed field sobriety tests. 6 minute NOT GUILTY. Jury told the prosecutor to stop wasting taxpayers money.
DWI Not Guilty Trial to the Court. Judge found police officer violated 4th and 14th Amendments to the United State’s Constitution. All evidence was suppressed and the Judge found client Not Guilty.
DWI Not Guilty Client passed out in parking lot. Several bottles of empty wine bottles in vehicle. Police called to scene because he was slumped over wheel. Judge instructed Jury to find client “Not Guilty” becasue Government could not prove client “operated” vehicle.
DWI Not Guilty Client driving on sidewalk at UTMB – Galveston. Failed all field sobriety tests. Under intense cross examination, officer admitted he was not sure if client was intoxicated.
DWI Not Guilty Pulled over for weaving all over the road. Failed field sobriety tests – officer testified that client was belligerent and “very intoxicated.”
DWI Motion to Revoke Probation  Dismissed Client had several interlock violations during probation term. Prosecutors dismissed Motion to Revoke probation.
DWI Not Guilty Client works for a prominent car dealership with his job in jeopardy. Pulled over for squealing tires. Jury found there was no reason for officer to stop him.
Assault Not Guilty State claimed client hit victim with a telephone and broke victim’s nose. However, the client was acting in self-defense.
DWI Not Guilty Client pulled over for weaving, failed all field sobriety tests. Breath Test of .112. Jury deliberated less than 30 minutes.
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